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MITSUBISHI FX2N-CNV-IF Manual And Instructions
FX2N-CNV-IF datasheetPDF datasheet

MITSUBISHI FX2N-CNV-IF Product information and technical parameters:
Name: Transfer cable
Model: FX2N-CNV-IF
Extending the device for FX1, PLC FX2, on PLC FX2N.
Need to use the conversion cable.

Enter 16 points or 16 points.
Directly connected to the input and output terminals of PLC;
Can play a role in replacing the terminal row;
Can also be far away from the PLC of the site when the input and output devices;
Use as relay;
In order to reduce the time of the input and output connection. Max input / output points: 30 points MITSUBISHI FX2N-CNV-IF.
Supply voltage: 100 - 240VAC.
Input points: 16 points FX2N-CNV-IF
Output points: 14 points.
Output type: relay.
Power consumption (W): 21.
Weight (kg):0.45.
Size (WxHxD) mm:100x90x75.
Host has 10 points (6I/4O), 14 points (8I/6O), 20 points (12I/8O), 30 points (16I/14O) of 4 types.
This type of PLC is mainly used in all of the digital input, digital output control point of the device MITSUBISHI FX2N-CNV-IF.
Can be directly connected to the 220V city power, built-in 8K step EEPROM memory, no battery, easy to maintain.
The series transistor output (MT) of the PLC, can be output 2 100KHz pulse, direct drive servo or stepper motor.
The series PLC can not be brought with the expansion module, but can be installed by the BD board to extend a small amount of I/O.
The series 1N through the installation of BD series PLC board, can achieve RS232, RS485, RS422 communication MITSUBISHI FX2N-CNV-IF. Total input and output points: 8 points.
Input points: 8 points.
Output type: DC24V.
FX2N extension module.
The expansion module is an input and output expansion device of the power supply from the basic unit or the expansion unit,
Can choose the relay or crystal output models, to 8 points for the unit to connect.
Can be extended to FX3GA/FX3G, FX3GE, FX3GC, as well as FX3U, FX3UC series,
When connecting to FX3UC or FX3GC, you need FX2NC-CNV-IF or FX3UC-1PS-5V.
The number of connection points depends on the basic unit and the expansion unit. Max input / output points: 32 points.
Power supply voltage: 24VDC.
Input points: 16 points.
Output points: 16 points.
Output type: relay.
Power consumption: 25W.
Weight (kg):0.65.
Size (WxHxD) mm:150x90x87.
Note recording function, Component annotation can be recorded in the program register.
Online program editor, online change the program will not lose the working hours or stop production operation.
RUN/STOP switch, running on panel / stop switch easy to operate.
Remote maintenance, remote programming software can monitor, upload or uninstall programs and data via modem communications
Password prottection, using a eight digit password to protect your program FX2N-CNV-IF.
Clock function and hour meter function, all of the PLC FX2N has a real-time clock standard.
Continuous scanning function, to define the operation cycle for the application off the continuous scan time FX2N-CNV-IF.
Input filter adjustment function, you can use the input filter to smooth the input signal (in the basic unit x000 to x017).

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